Genealogisches Handbuch der baltischen Ritterschaften

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  • adriano ebhardt -

    i am belonging to the famili ebhardt I and i have one book "genealogische handbuch burgerlicher familien"published in 1910.On page 130 it appears our famili genealogieand at page 133 at the position IIIa under the children of justus at n° 3 appears Enrico that is my grand father.After that it breaks the following family passing on to n°IIIb when instead there is a following on letter A.Enrico had one son called Giusto and ha had 2 sons Enrico and Adriano,enrico had 2 daughters and Adriano a couple of twin girls and one by called tommaso who is the chief of Ebhardt famiky.If u are interested for u next publication mail me and i can give u all deyails regards adriano ebhardt
    mail aebhardtò

    • Dirk -

      Hi Adriano,

      I know this book, but at the moment I#m not interested at the famile ebhard, sorry, perhaps later.

      Best Regards


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